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I have over ten years of experience of providing medico-legal Neuroradiology Reports and of appearing as Expert Witness in Court.

Medico-legal services are provided exclusively to instructing legal firms.

My Terms & Conditions are available on request.

Medico-legal Reports

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I provide my medico-legal Neuroradiology Reports in as timely a fashion as possible.

Turnaround time for reports is less than 3 weeks in the great majority of cases, and often as little as 1 week.

My area of specialist expertise is Adult and Paediatric Diagnostic Neuroradiology, encompassing all aspects of cranial and spinal imaging. My experience in both Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology also qualifies me to advise on many aspects of interventional practice.

I have extensive experience of working with law firms acting on behalf of NHS Resolution, as well as advising solicitors for Claimants. I also provide a significant number of reports in relation to insurance claims.

I provide medico-legal reports to legal firms in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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I aim to provide as responsive a service as possible to law firms in relation to on-going case developments. I understand the need to be available and responsive with regard to all communications.

Case Conferences, Joint Expert Discussions, and on-going letters and communications of response are organised and provided to minimise delays.

My administrative support tracks all active cases and communications, in relation to deadlines and priorities, to ensure an efficient response to all on-going medico-legal case requests.

My medico-legal service and all associated communications are fully GDPR-compliant.

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